Member Fitness Challenges

A community helping you find your fit!

Our members can be quite competitive and have asked that we host challenges for bragging rights, so we agreed! A little friendly competition to push our limits can be healthy too! Below our current and past challenges that we have hosted.

Current Fitness Challenge

Push-up Challenge at TFZ in St. Albans

One Minute Push-Up Challenge

Set a timer for 1 minute and start doing push-ups! Rests are allowed if needed.

Make sure to have someone verify your attempt or record yourself so that we see your entire body.

Send us a message or tag us on social media. Include a video or the name of the person that witnessed your attempt, along with the number of push-ups you completed. Top 10 will be listed below and on the TV near the front desk!



Emerson Lynn: 95
Tim Stratton: 78
Hans Olson: 70
David Mongeon: 65


Kim Conner: 56
Brandi LaBounty: 52
Tiffany Luker: 42
Kristy Lee: 33

Past Fitness Challenges

Assault Bike Challenge at TFZ in St. Albans

Assault Bike Challenge

Hit 20 calories in 20 seconds!


Ashton Chevalier:  20 CALS in 13 SECS

Other members that completed the challenge:

Todd Morgan: 20 CALS in 14 SECS
Brock Shumway: 20 CALS in 14 SEC
Nic Grenier. 20 CALS in 16 SECS
Kyle G. 20 CALS in 20 SECS

On-Site Nutrition Center

Rail City Nutrition Center is located in the front of The Fitness Zone and offers performance-based grab n’ go meals, protein coffee, smoothies, shakes, gear, and supplements.